Lifting Structures & Procedures
Surface Condenser Installation

Surface Condenser Installation


Steel design, drafting, and field reviews of:

  • Monorail to lift 12 m (39 ft) long surface condenser weighing 470 kN (105,800 lbs)

Analysis of existing roof steel.

Lifting procedure:

  • The surface condenser was lifted with multiple cranes and attached with slings to the newly designed monorail, 18 m (60 ft) above the ground.
  • Once secure, the surface condenser was then moved by the monorail 24 m (78 ft) into the building, rotated, and lowered into its final position.
Surface condenser arriving on flat bed
Surface condenser lifted 18 m (60 ft) above ground
Condenser supported by monorail, moving into building
Condenser moving inside building
Lifting procedure
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