We build a collaborative partnership with our clients and are a friendly face throughout the design process. Our committed team delivers custom designs with every project and ensures a smooth process throughout.

Our Process


We start by asking questions about the project objectives, constraints, schedule, and our scope of work. For modifications to existing facilities, we like visiting site to scope out the project in person. We begin to develop general design concepts and ideas. Typically, at the end of this phase we send an engineering fee estimate.


Once approved, we begin drafting the existing area and laying out new equipment. We gather all available reference information and drawings, and re-visit site to take detailed field measurements and photos. We further refine design concepts – completing calculations, checking fit, and considering alternatives. Early in the design process, we coordinate with equipment suppliers and other consultants to identify any conflicts or discuss any gaps in information.


We refine our design, incorporate feedback, and work through the detailed engineering and drafting. We confirm we have the latest information from equipment suppliers and other consultants.


Throughout the design process, we back-check our drawings after each update. We complete a final design and drafting review before the drawings are issued for construction. The level of review reflects the project size, significance, and complexity. When applicable, structural designs are independently reviewed in accordance with the Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (EGBC) requirements.


We suggest having an initial meeting with the construction team to discuss any critical details that could use highlighting, answer any questions, touch on the submittal requirements, and talk about the construction schedule to tentatively arrange dates for field reviews.

We assist the client by reviewing contractor submittals for shop drawings, concrete mix designs, proposed changes, and any requests for information. During construction we visit site to complete field reviews.

Our Team

GSEI was formed in 1993 by Doug Gairns and Nelson Santos. In the fall of 2020 Bryn Endacott and Craig Santos bought Doug and Nelson’s shares to become the sole owners of GSEI.

Bryn Endacott,
Structural Engineer, Partner

Bryn’s friendly nature and quick thinking made an immediate impact on the office when he joined us in 2013. Bryn has a breadth of structural experience – designing all types of industrial structures, from intricate details to large scale structures. Bryn is actively involved in all aspects of the engineering process and enjoys working both onsite and in the office.

Craig Santos,
P.Eng., MIStructE
Structural Engineer, Partner

Craig is known for his thoroughness and dedication to professional development. He has a wide-range of structural experience with expertise in concrete, masonry, steel, and timber. He has a natural ability to take a complex process and simplify it to the necessary details. Craig started working at GSEI in 2010. In 2017, he moved to Vancouver and worked at a leading structural engineering firm. In 2020, Craig re-joined GSEI to take over ownership of the firm with Bryn.

Doug Gairns,
P.Eng. (Retired)
Senior Structural Engineer

Doug has over 40 years of structural engineering experience primarily within the industrial sector. He has designed many industrial structures and has extensive expertise in computer modeling and design. Doug is known for his thorough, methodical, and detailed approach to completing large projects.

Nelson Santos,
P.Eng. (Retired)
Senior Structural Engineer

Nelson has more than 35 years of structural engineering experience. He has provided structural services on many projects in the design, retrofit and repair of buildings and industrial structures. Nelson has undertaken several investigation projects over the years, collaborating with the design team to determine the root cause of the issue and design an appropriate repair plan within an accelerated timeframe.

Trevor Folwark

Senior Structural Technologist

Trevor joined GSEI in 2003. He is known for his attention to detail, keen eye, and thorough field reviews. When we’re looking for options on how to support something in a tight space or have questions about how to draw an intricate detail – Trevor’s always able to help.

Manjit Bansal

Structural Technologist

Manjit’s steady and consistent style has been evident since he started working with us in 2006. He is happy to help with any aspect of a project and is very knowledgeable about AutoCad and SolidWorks.

Scott Warkentin

Senior Structural Technician

After graduating from BCIT in 2014 at the top of his class, Scott returned home to Prince George to join our team. Scott is detailed, fast, and accurate. He is as comfortable in the office as he is in the field.

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