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Machine Room Roof Ice Damage

Machine Room Roof Ice Damage

GSEI Scope

A massive amount of ice accumulated on the upper roof and on vent stacks causing icicles to form and hang over the lower roof. Icicles, some as long as 9 m (30 ft), broke free and punched through the lower roof.

Wood shoring and temporary ice shields were designed for the lower roof to protect mill services and personnel from additional falling ice.

A composite concrete deck was designed for the lower roof, and built in the spring, to provide a more robust roof and better protection from falling ice. The upper roof decking, damaged by massive ice accumulation, was restored with a higher load capacity metal deck.

Ice built-up along 9 m (30 ft) high roof
Icicles hanging off upper roof
Boulder sized piece of ice that fell from the upper roof through the lower roof
Temporary ice shields to protect lower roof from further falling ice
Upper roof damage from massive ice accumulation
Fractured upper roof deck caused by massive ice accumulation
Composite concrete deck and reinforcing
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